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For more than 50 years, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc has prepared thousands of people for rewarding careers in allied health. We specialize in education with a clearly defined purpose. Our goal is to prepare students for the most in-demand jobs in allied health.

With 16 campuses across the United States, Concorde is among the very best post-secondary career training institutions in the country. Everyone at Concorde works toward a mutual mission: delivering quality allied health education that enhances the lives of our students and the communities they serve.
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Our Mission

Concorde prepares committed students for successful employment in a rewarding healthcare profession through high caliber training, real world experience and student centered support.

This is Our Mission, our North Star, a guiding light which defines and illuminates the course to our future, and for potential students, the path to a successful healthcare career. It defines our handshake with students and establishes the primacy of that covenant. We acknowledge their commitment, the financial and personal sacrifices they make to attend Concorde. We dedicate ourselves to making their sacrifices manageable and we commit to truly preparing them for success in a gainful healthcare profession.

Our students have set very immediate goals for starting careers. The practical hands on learning needed to attain their goal; this is foremost in their minds. We satisfy their expectations by modeling our faculty, facilities, equipment and curriculum after the healthcare field they will enter.

We know that the ultimate judge of their preparation will be their future employers. Employers expect our students to have more than just knowledge and technical skills. They are looking for integrity, discipline, team play, and the drive that defines professionals and we accept responsibility for modeling and instilling those values. We partner with employers to ensure our programs reflect real work expectations and settings through program advisory boards, externships, and clinical rotations. Once students have completed their training, we again call on our network of employer relationships to support students in securing a job in their chosen profession.

Throughout our students' preparation we endeavor to meet the highest practicable standards and our faculty, equipment and facilities reflect that commitment. We strive for superior outcomes in student satisfaction, program completion and most importantly, career placement.

We are Concorde Career Colleges and this is Our Mission.
Customer Service

A customer is anyone whose needs and expectations must be identified and satisfied if we are to achieve our Mission.

Customer satisfaction is achieved when there are trusting relationships based on aligned expectations, active listening, open and accurate communication, measurable commitments, and timely execution. At every level of our organization we build trusting relationships with our customers.

Prospective and enrolled students are our principal customers. We are centered on their needs which are determined largely by employers' expectations. All decisions are considered in the light of student employability. Still, we value students' dreams and defend their goals. We believe in them.

Beyond exemplary training, we provide students with the professional example they must model to be successful. We provide support services, including admissions, financial aid, career services, and student services, with the professionalism, efficiency, and timeliness afforded any valued customer.

As customers, our students must fulfill obligations too, which are clearly defined in our enrollment agreement and catalog.

Healthcare employers and the communities they comprise are also our customers. We partner with employers to give direction to our programs and provide students with practical experience in externships and clinical rotations.

We endeavor to prepare our students to be the best candidates to meet employers' expectations.

We all serve customers within Concorde—each other—whose needs must be addressed to achieve our Mission. We strive to help each other be successful.

Irrespective of our role or responsibility within Concorde, our goal is measurable customer satisfaction.

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